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original soundtrack by Josh Whelchel

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

The Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Original Soundtrack is a witchy, symphonic and choral score which calls to the musical mystic within all of us.

The soundtrack features instrumentalists Kristin Naigus, Patti Rudisill, and John Robert Matz.
Vocalists include tenor Ryan C. Connelly, soprano Danielle Messina, and an 8 voice choir led by Cincinnati’s Isaac Selya.

Masquerada Press

… if you want to see where Masquerada never, ever fails, look no further than to the game’s immaculate music and art. Being integral to the culture of Ombre, Masquerada’s every scene is blessed with the heavenly sounds of a choir and painted with the talented hands of some damn fine artists.

[Masquerada’s] amazing soundtrack deserves special mention. It’s lovely, with choirs and woodwinds, and all sorts of good things. I caught myself running the game in the background, just listening to the music. It’s that good.

Like its art style, Masquerada’s music is beautiful. The majority of it is the orchestral sort of music you’d find in a cathedral with pipe organs and a many-singer harmony and it fits perfectly with the tone of the game.

Ostensibly, the first thing your ears notice is the music because threaded through the entire game is a rousingly impressive orchestral score and choir that manages to strike the perfect balance between the epic and the melancholy with delightful frequency.

Masquerada Soundtrack Credits

musical score by
Josh Whelchel

soundtrack available


every woodwind ever
Kristin Naigus

Patti Rudisill

trumpet, french horn, flügelhorn
John Robert Matz

Dan Byrne-Mccullough

Ryan C. Connelly
Danielle Messina

masquerada choir

Isaac Selya

Molly Hanes
Jackie Stevens
Amanda Appiarius

Audrey Walstrom
Danielle Messina
Melinda Hershey

Ryan C. Connelly
M. Andrew Jones
John Overholt

Daniel Scofield
Michael Young

Jacob Kincaide

choir recorded at
Audio Grotto in Newport, KY
eng. by Cattle Dog Studio

album art by
Amanda Appiarius @ appiarius.com