the music of Josh Whelchel

Musical Releases

I have written music for a handful of video games, including:
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, Kromaia, Castle Story, and Scrolls.

In the past, I produced music for a silly electronic band called Poolside.

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Echo Storm

/ /
gritty, retro, synthesis


/ /
electronic, orchestral, space-age.


/ /
alien, tribal, and ancient.

Rise of the Blobs

/ /
funky, fresh, hypnotic and playful.


/ /
orchestral, RPG, and dramatic.

Wind-up Knight

/ /
playful, adventurous, medieval.

GunGirl 2

/ /
metal, progressive rock, epic and fierce.

Spirit Engine 2

/ /
retro, rpg, orchestral, and prolific.


/ /
chiptune, retro, melodic, and utterly super sonic.

Spirit Engine 1

/ /
retro, rpg, demoscene, and prolific.