who am I, why am I here?

Josh Whelchel

Hi — my name is Josh.

I am a composer, software engineer, vegan, and gnostic.

I was born in 1987, I have been writing music since 2008, and I’ve been working with computers for even longer.

In 2016, Amanda and I became vegans, and I began studying the mystic truths of “Gnostic Christianity” around the same time.

I share my digital identity via keybase.io.

i make music!

Composer & Producer

In 2003, I had the great opportunity of working with Mark Pay to create The Spirit Engine & The Spirit Engine 2.

These projects set off a career of writing music for video games, which connected me with Mojang [Scrolls], Mattias Häggström Gerdt [Anosou], Witching Hour Studios [Masquerada & Ravenmark], Adult Swim Games [Oblitus], and several others.

I have produced music for several non-game projects, as well, including POOLSIDE, OVERCLOCKED REMIX, MELINDA HERSHEY, and others.

I have been featured on the soundtracks of Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV [PPPPPPowerup!], and others.

i make computers do stuff


I have been working with computers since a very young age.

I picked up programming at a young age with the help of my father’s interest in computers. At a young age, I learned the C programming language and went on to create extensions for Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion products.

I created a file format, called WSF, designed to de-duplicate samples from a library of songs created by a tracker (“ModPlug Tracker”, “Screamtracker”, etc), in order to save disk space when distributing these songs over the web. This functionality has been featured in Noitu Love 2, The Spirit Engine 2, and Bonesaw: The Game. See it at Github, though it hasn’t been touched in many years.

In 2011, I coded the Game Music Bundle website and went on to co-found the music distribution Loudr. We later pivoted into a music licensing service provider, which lives on at loudr.fm. We power the cover song licensing for platforms like CDBaby and Distrokid.

In my free time, I have been working on a software synthesizer called FMBlastr16 – a 4 oscillator OPL2 FM synthesizer for Reason.

See what else I’m working on @ Github.

i only eat plants & fruit


It’s no longer a secret that the Animal Agriculture industry is the #1 Contributor to Change in Climate. – [a study by Stanford Law School].

It’s no longer a secret that Meat & Dairy products increase your likelihood for Cancer by 400%. – [“The China Study”].

Also, have you witnessed the inside of a Factory Farm?
If not – become aware and educate yourself.

These are just a few of the reasons that I am a vegan. More simply, I love animals, and this means that I believe they should enjoy life, just as I do.

Eating vegan is easy in the 21st century.

faith through Gnosis, science, history, and Christ Consciousness

Gnosticism and
Spiritual Alchemy

A quick trip to the library of heremetic magick will leave you overwhelmed, but with the right set of experiences, will immerse you in a spiritual journey which defies explanation.

The Gnostic understanding is that our cosmos is an illusion, emanating from a single source – of which we are all a part of. This source can be understood as the Godhead, the Father, Kether, … (S)He bears many names.

The principle of the Son is that the Father made a sacrifice of his consciousness, by splitting it into two, so that (s)he could understand himself and the world – and this is how Duality first manifested.

The principle of the Holy Spirit follows that these two points, extended into a line, would then radiate out from the initial source into a sphere. This divine sphere is the encompassment that connects the Father to the Son. It is visualized through the Flower of Life.

It is taught in many religions that the Father’s thought creates the world, and the Son’s sacrifice enables consciousness, and the Holy Spirit emanates the entire quantum realm in which we all dwell.

Empowered with these principles, and the extended principles of the Sephiroth (yep!), one can become “one with God” in a manner of explaining something that can not bear words, and manipulate the quantum bubble of their consciousness to achieve their goals, using willpower, focus, knowledge, and love.

After studying the Gnostic texts which were removed from the Holy Bible, and from studying the words of Yeshua, he who perfected these principles in his lifetime, and aimed to show others the Way, or the Tao, it became clear to me that our purpose on Earth is to achieve Spirtual Alchemy.

This has been demonstrated in works of art throughout the ages, often as the process of transmuting Iron into Gold – and it is a metaphor for our Earthbound Purpose. It is the story of the Jedi serving others and reincarnating in a spirit realm – or a dimension of less dense cosmic matter.

The path home is through creative will-power, self-sacrifice, flexibility, and compassion for others.

Unio Mystica by Joffra Bosschart
Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) by Salvador Dalí