who am I, why am I here?

Josh Whelchel

Hi — my name is Josh.

I am a composer and software engineer.

I share my digital identity via keybase.io.

i make music!

Composer & Producer

In 2003, I had the great opportunity of working with Mark Pay to create The Spirit Engine & The Spirit Engine 2.

These projects set off a career of writing music for video games, which connected me with Mojang [Scrolls], Mattias Häggström Gerdt [Anosou], Witching Hour Studios [Masquerada & Ravenmark], Adult Swim Games [Oblitus], and several others.

i make computers do stuff


I have been working with computers since a very young age.

I picked up programming at a young age with the help of my father’s interest in computers. At a young age, I learned the C programming language and went on to create extensions for Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion products.

I created a file format, called WSF, designed to de-duplicate samples from a library of songs created by a tracker (“ModPlug Tracker”, “Screamtracker”, etc), in order to save disk space when distributing these songs over the web. This functionality has been featured in Noitu Love 2, The Spirit Engine 2, and Bonesaw: The Game. See it at Github, though it hasn’t been touched in many years.

In 2011, I coded the Game Music Bundle website and went on to co-found the music distribution Loudr. We later pivoted into a music licensing service provider, which lives on at loudr.fm. We power the cover song licensing for platforms like CDBaby and Distrokid.

In my free time, I have been working on a software synthesizer called FMBlastr16 – a 4 oscillator OPL2 FM synthesizer for Reason.

See what else I’m working on @ Github.