Scrolls Launch Trailer – Creating the Music with Reason

The music in the Scrolls Launch Trailer was created in Cubase 6 and Reason 7. I wrote about this set up a little in my post, “DAW of the Future.” The setup is actually pretty simple. You are able to connect Reason with other DAWs with their ReWire tool, which makes it surprisingly easy to...
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… to the future!

I am excited to announce that I have recently joined forces with the A Cappella Records family to become the Chief Technology Officer of their freshly renamed company re:discover inc. You may be more familiar with the Joypad Records moniker that provided licensing and distribution for Pokemon: Kanto Symphony and Lindsey Stirling‘s recently released Skyrim Cover. What does this mean for...
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Castle Story Prototype Music

Mattias and I have put together twelve minutes of music from the Castle Story Prototype that was privately released to backers this past week. I’m particularly proud of this because it features a Rack Extension (synthesizer) that I’ve built from scratch called FMBlastr16. More on that later. Listen below:
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