Scrolls Launch Trailer – Creating the Music with Reason

The music in the Scrolls Launch Trailer was created in Cubase 6 and Reason 7. I wrote about this set up a little in my post, “DAW of the Future.”

The setup is actually pretty simple. You are able to connect Reason with other DAWs with their ReWire tool, which makes it surprisingly easy to sync the projects. This connection is responsible for tempo & playback syncing, and carrying the audio stream of Reason outward to your primary DAW.

The above stems are the mixdowns from both Reason and Cubase.

Cubase creates the “Orchestral Stem.” For this I’m using a combination of:

  • Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • L.A. Scoring Strings
  • Cinebrass & Cinewinds Pro
  • Various other libraries

Reason creates the “Electronic Stem,” but because I love Reason so much and because ‘Reason’ really describes the whole task (patch making, mixing, etc), I call it the “Reason Stem.”

Reason is great because I’m tweaking on the built-in SSL mixer all the time, to create unique sounds.

Once I have the two stems for the trailer, I import them into Reason 7.
I use the O-Zone Mastering Rack Extension and mixer together to create the final sound, which you hear in the trailer below.

While you’re watching, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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