The Making Of

Lyrics of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

The world of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is massive, as is the lore that entangles it. As I was scoring Masquerada, I knew I did not want to miss an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to such a rich universe. I decided that I wanted to write vocal passages in the music that...
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WSF Module Packer Tools

Are you looking to take a collection of .IT, .MOD, .XM, or .ST3 modules with overlapping samples and compress them into a much smaller package, effectively deduplicating any sample data across the tracks? Well, you’ve found the right corner of the internet for that. WSF is a format designed to reduce redundancy in modules. In...
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Scrolls Launch Trailer – Creating the Music with Reason

The music in the Scrolls Launch Trailer was created in Cubase 6 and Reason 7. I wrote about this set up a little in my post, “DAW of the Future.” The setup is actually pretty simple. You are able to connect Reason with other DAWs with their ReWire tool, which makes it surprisingly easy to...
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DAW of the Future

Just scroll down to see the “DAW of the Future” The debate of MAC vs. PC has long been a problem among digital composers. On the one hand, Apple’s MAC OS provides so many usability enhancements over its Windows counterpart that it is easy to see why so many composers would prefer the clean and...
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GANG Demo Derby

The first ever non-GDC G.A.N.G. Demo Derby is coming up on October 15th, and I’ve been asked to join the insanely talented Wilbert Roget, Dren McDonald and Jeff Essex on a panel to give feedback on a submission of demo reels from across the world. The Game Audio Network Guild (or, GANG) is a great...
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Dies, Nox et Omnia – Technical Mumbojumbo!

Dies, Nox et Omnia (feat. Ryan C. Connelly and Danielle Messina) by Josh Whelchel Dies, Nox et Omnia Sheet Music (Voice only) This is something I wrote for the recent NiGHTS: Lucid Dreams album recently released by OCRemix.org. “Dies, Nox et Omnia” is an arrangement of “D’Force Master,” the theme of the wicked Wizeman from...
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The Making of “Shine Tonight”

Here are the first 8 drafts of the OCRemix/Poolside song “Shine Tonight.”  Complete with crummy autotunage.  This is to celebrate tomorrow’s release of CHILDREN OF THE SUMMER, the first Poolside album. Shine Tonight by Poolside (please buy our album!)   Shine Tonight (D1) I woke up with this in my mind for some reason, so...
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MAGFest 9: Indie Game Music 101 Panel Video

Following the video of my “Free Lance Game Composition” panel is my talk on Indie Game Music.  I’m joined by Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy, Canabalt), Andrew Aversa (Return all Robots), David Saulesco (Eternal Daughter), and Justin Johnson of Radio Free Gamer.  We talk about what we think makes a good indie soundtrack and take...
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MAGFest 9: Life of a Freelance Game Composer Panel Video

At MAGFest 9 I was privileged to host two panels and sit on one other.  I’ll go into more detail about the entire experience later, but in the meantime I’d like to share the first of my two panel videos with you.  Here is “Life of a Freelance Game Composer.”  With me are David Saulesco and Danny...
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ReMix The Meat!

A few days ago I promised my twitter-people that when I reached 500 followers I’d put up a “Power of the Meat” remix kit.  I delayed in this process just a little bit so I could also include an INSTRUMENTAL and KARAOKE version of the song.  Now you can dress up as Meat Boy, Bandage...
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