A few days ago I promised my twitter-people that when I reached 500 followers I’d put up a “Power of the Meat” remix kit.  I delayed in this process just a little bit so I could also include an INSTRUMENTAL and KARAOKE version of the song.  Now you can dress up as Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, or Dr. Fetus (or all three if you’re feeling ambitious) and sing along! (Go down a little further to get the REMIX KIT and you might be on the SMB soundtrack CD!)

For droppin’ it like a hot ball of bandages:

Power of the Meat (INSTRUMENTAL)

For singing along better than Brownie (you can hear us, but we’re quiet!) (OCReMix has lyrics)

Power of the Meat (KARAOKE feat. Melinda Hershey)

Now, for those of you who might want a shot at remixing our vocals, I’ve got two things.  Danny Baranowsky has informed that remixes that are good enough may be included on the special 2-disc physical copy of the Super Meat Boy Soundtrack (it’s already quite good).

Power of the Meat (VOCALS ONLY feat. Melinda Hershey)

Because all of these vocals have plenty of effects and other distracting aspects that would make more gritty remixing difficult, I’ve got this:

Power of the Meat REMIX KIT (36mb) (128bpm, Eb minor)

The remix kit contains:

  • Melinda’s Chorus (“Save me meat boy, you’re the one that I need…”) without effects and with basic effects, as well as two additional backup tracks that can be used to widen the sound.
  • Josh’s Chorus (“I will save you bandage girl…”) with and without effects, high AND low.
  • Josh’s Dr. Fetus verses (“My name is Dr. Fetus, PHD…”) with and without effects that make Dr. Fetus so doctoral.
  • The non-vocoded Dr. Fetus intro (“Super Meat Boy’s idiotic…”) for you to do with as you please.

So, if you make a remix, leave it in the comments here, or at least tweet at me (@soundofjw) so we can listen and let you know what we think! We’ll most likely share it with the world, too! 😀

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