It’s that time of year again! That is, of course, my favorite time of year involving a weekend full of VIDEO GAMES, VIDEO GAME MUSIC, and AWESOME PEOPLE.  It’s MAGFEST!  Last year, at MAGFest 8, I met a ton of people I spent several years idolizing and otherwise drooling about – and this year it seems like there’s even more to be delivered.  This year at MAGFest will be that times 9,000!!  I’ll be giving two PANELS, one on the life of a freelance game composer with tips on how to get into it, how to get yourself out there, and a pretty cool Q&A session with some neat composers.  The other is just a jam session and review of indie game music, why it’s awesome, and just pretty much a chance to hang out and have a good time.  Oh, and look who’s joining me on those panels…

David Saulesco, who I’ve long been in cohoots with and had an aural-crush on since the day I first laid ears on Eternal Daughter, an indie game made by Derek Yu a few years ago.  David’s use of counterpoint, classical harmonies, and outright awesome compositional skill in that soundtrack blew my mind off and resulted in a number of fan mails which led to a strong relationship.  Today, David spends his days winning songwriting competitions in Sweden, from whence he was brought to us from the stars above.  He is an integral part of my own music library and will be on Songs for the Cure ’11!

Danny Baranowsky is another fantastic piece of aural-a**.  You probably already know who he is because you can’t stop listening to the Super Meat Boy soundtrack, or when you do come up for air you’re enjoying the Canabalt or Gravity Hook jams.  Whatever this guy’s diet consists of, you want to start cookin’ it yesterday because it’s JUST SO RIGHT.  Where David Saulesco might be the most talented and influential jRPG-esque composer I know, I’d compare Danny Baranowsky to an entranced Mario doing a line of coke off of Peach’s bosom while playing with himself (on a gameboy, of course, and not one of those fancy color or DS things, I’m talking about big grey).  None of that is G-Rated, which is sort of symbolic of the penetration of sound that Danny delivers.

I’ll also be bringing some good friends, Ryan C. Connelly, just finished recording vocals for the NiGHTS album coming from OverClocked ReMix in July, and the other is my favorite cupcake-enthusiast and sexy-girl-album-cover illustrator Amanda Appiarius.

So, if you haven’t registered for the MUSIC AND GAMING FESTIVAL in Alexandria, VA from January 13-16, 2011 yet – NOW IS A PRETTY GOOD TIME TO DO THAT.   I’ll see you there – and if you see me, say hi, talk to about music, and make me feel loved (I need love to survive, actually, a lot like I need three cheese queso…).  Regarding the time and location of my panels, I’ll TWEET THE DEETS! (yup, really just wanted to say that)

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