… to the future!

I am excited to announce that I have recently joined forces with the A Cappella Records family to become the Chief Technology Officer of their freshly renamed company re:discover inc. You may be more familiar with the Joypad Records moniker that provided licensing and distribution for Pokemon: Kanto Symphony and Lindsey Stirling‘s recently released Skyrim Cover. What does this mean for...
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Interview on Square Enix Music Online

I was recently interviewed by the awesome team at Square Enix Music Online, be sure to read it!  It includes some brand new music samples from Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion! I also discuss Scrolls, Overclocked ReMix, Songs for the Cure and a few other cool projects!
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CDs for the CURE.

Seriously.  Lots of CDs.  Right now, they are all sitting nicely in their individual bubble mailers ready to be shipped.  To everyone who gets two jewel cases (and those who predonated will be getting an additional goodie), I apologize for how TIGHTLY EVERYTHING FITS.  But hey, GOODIES, right?!
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Japan fundraiser!

For the next six or so hours you can bid on a pop song, to be written by me, ABOUT YOU, to raise money for JAPAN AID (through MAGFest and the Red Cross). So far you all have deemed this to be worth $75 or so, but Japan needs more than that! READ MORE ABOUT...
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On GDC and Ravenmark

So I’ve arrived at GDC in beautiful San Francisco where I’m having an absolutely amazing time (minus one dirty runin with fantastically maniacal eel).  Meeting a lot of idols, talented coworkers, and the indie dream team. I’ve also enjoyed meeting many of my fantastic peers, including Danny Baranowsky (who I’m pretty sure I’ve known forever), Jimmy Hinson...
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Onu: Multimedia Fusion 2 Sound Extension

ONU is a music and sound playback extension for Multimedia Fusion 2. Install Packages: (updated June 7, 2017) OnuSetup116.zip SDK: OnuEngSDK104.zip (Thanks to @StrongJoe for pointing out this was down!)
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Demo of new Poolside Single

Untitled Poolside Demo This is a demo of the new Poolside Single that will be released before our upcoming album, on April 1, 2011!!
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MAGFest 9 Panel Times!

THE LIFE OF A FREELANCE GAME COMPOSER – THURSDAY at 5PM (in Panels 3) I’ll cover several aspects of freelance composing, covering technical stuff, music stuff, how to approach new projects, distribute your music, and so on.  My panel is somewhat conjoined with the following panel hosted by Jimmy Hinson (Mass Effect 2), Andrew and...
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MAGFest 9 Panels and Friends!

It’s that time of year again! That is, of course, my favorite time of year involving a weekend full of VIDEO GAMES, VIDEO GAME MUSIC, and AWESOME PEOPLE.  It’s MAGFEST!  Last year, at MAGFest 8, I met a ton of people I spent several years idolizing and otherwise drooling about – and this year it...
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2010 (so far…) in review!

Well, July is almost over, and it looks like 2010 is flying by.  I like looking back and seeing what I’ve accomplished and giving thanks to the people that helped me get here, so let’s fly through this January to July retrospective. January saw my first panel appearance at MAGFest 8, where I met people...
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