I am excited to announce that I have recently joined forces with the A Cappella Records family to become the Chief Technology Officer of their freshly renamed company re:discover inc.

You may be more familiar with the Joypad Records moniker that provided licensing and distribution for Pokemon: Kanto Symphony and Lindsey Stirling‘s recently released Skyrim Cover.

What does this mean for me:

  • I will continue to write music under “Josh Whelchel,” and score for video games. I am an extremely passionate composer and am lucky to be working with truly talented musicians and developers on Castle StoryScrollsKromaia, and others. I recently released the soundtrack to Rise of the Blobs (the music is fun but CHECK OUT THE GAME!).
  • re:discover will be helping grow the Bundle Dragon platform that I created in 2012.  Their team is hugely knowledgable on all the things a programmer is oft not, such as marketing and legal matters. More importantly, Bundle Dragon could simply not continue to exist as a one man effort, and I could not think of any group of individuals better suited to help launch the platform.
  • re:discover also now owns and operates the Game Music Bundle brand under my supervision – and this makes a lot of sense. With their Joypad Records efforts, the re:discover team has been growing their catalog at an alarming pace and have enabled video game musicians to release their music on popular platforms like iTunes and Amazon without needing to rely on an anonymous aggregator such as CDBaby or Tunecore. Consequently, those artists (Disasterpeace, Hyperduck SoundWorks, and many more) are making more per sale than ever before. …and I’m ALL about the artists making more money for their work, duh!
  • FMBlastr is not dead – it’s being actively developed and should arrive in Reason Racks very soon.

There is more news coming soon, and I can not WAIT to share it with everyone.

If you are a fellow video game composer or interested individual, do not hesitate to contact us about getting on iTunes and the other big platforms via Joypad Records (it is a NON-EXCLUSIVE agreement, and you can still do ANYTHING with your music – they can even pay multiple rights holders through preassigned splits).  Even more impressing: Joypad Records can legally license and pay publishers for cover songs.  In the past, I know our community has largely ignored this issue, but now the solution is easy and affordable (and hey, you don’t have to pay ANY large sum upfront for digital sales – goodbye HFA!).

Check out the full press release on A Cappella Records’ blog.

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