On GDC and Ravenmark

So I’ve arrived at GDC in beautiful San Francisco where I’m having an absolutely amazing time (minus one dirty runin with fantastically maniacal eel).  Meeting a lot of idols, talented coworkers, and the indie dream team.

I’ve also enjoyed meeting many of my fantastic peers, including Danny Baranowsky (who I’m pretty sure I’ve known forever), Jimmy Hinson (who is like a very responsible parent to me), Rich Vreeland (whose name I wish I had), and more than a large handful of others.

Now also seems to be a great time to announce that I’m scoring the upcoming iPhone game called Ravenmark: Scourage of Estellion.  I’ll be short and simple: it kicks ass – I’m working with a bunch of talented artists, superb writers, and simply ambitious and driven guys.  I’m extremely lucky to be working with such a gifted group and I can’t wait to show you guys more.

Get you lips wet with some pictures and check out their blog about the art.

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  • Looks good. What kind of game is this?

    • Just to add on to what Josh said, Ravenmark is more of a turn-based strategy RPG, rooted in the vein of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. There are some dynamic twists to combat that would be best explained in-game…

      But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, we have a while to go before we can show off the game concept to anyone. We definitely appreciate the interest! 🙂

      • Sounds great. I love Fire Emblem and FFT. Thanks for the replies.

    • Ravenmark is an RTS story-driven tactical game of epic proportions, and that’s what I can say about that. (;