Japan fundraiser!

For the next six or so hours you can bid on a pop song, to be written by me, ABOUT YOU, to raise money for JAPAN AID (through MAGFest and the Red Cross). So far you all have deemed this to be worth $75 or so, but Japan needs more than that! READ MORE ABOUT...
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MAGFest 9: Indie Game Music 101 Panel Video

Following the video of my “Free Lance Game Composition” panel is my talk on Indie Game Music.  I’m joined by Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy, Canabalt), Andrew Aversa (Return all Robots), David Saulesco (Eternal Daughter), and Justin Johnson of Radio Free Gamer.  We talk about what we think makes a good indie soundtrack and take...
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MAGFest 9: Life of a Freelance Game Composer Panel Video

At MAGFest 9 I was privileged to host two panels and sit on one other.  I’ll go into more detail about the entire experience later, but in the meantime I’d like to share the first of my two panel videos with you.  Here is “Life of a Freelance Game Composer.”  With me are David Saulesco and Danny...
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MAGFest 9 Panels and Friends!

It’s that time of year again! That is, of course, my favorite time of year involving a weekend full of VIDEO GAMES, VIDEO GAME MUSIC, and AWESOME PEOPLE.  It’s MAGFEST!  Last year, at MAGFest 8, I met a ton of people I spent several years idolizing and otherwise drooling about – and this year it...
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2010 (so far…) in review!

Well, July is almost over, and it looks like 2010 is flying by.  I like looking back and seeing what I’ve accomplished and giving thanks to the people that helped me get here, so let’s fly through this January to July retrospective. January saw my first panel appearance at MAGFest 8, where I met people...
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