Part of my new years resolution for 2011 was to write more music (I even said so here!).  So in a few short minutes spare time I wrote something with Renoise (<3) on my MacBook.  Just screwing around and whatnot, I like it.

7 pence is 3 pence short of 10 pence (so i rocked!)

Resident know-it-all anosou tells me that it’s obvious I’m an “orchestra guy.”  Whatever that means… but to be honest I did do this nerdy thing where I ascended a minor third scale looping back to the original tonic (read: I’m a nerd and I’ve ruined the spirit of chiptunes forever).  This is also the first thing I’ve ever put on 8bc.org, officially giving me the achievement: “WOW YOU’RE A REAL INDIE NOW!”.

True story, this is the first time I’ve tracked something since I did the Bonesaw soundtrack.

Long live the chip.

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