Premonition – Now Streaming

 Looking for a haunting, electronic aria? — that’s kind of ominous, but look no further. Danielle Messina – 1 part Soprano, 3 parts Sorceress, and I have teamed up to release Premonition, a musical single from our forthcoming E.P. There’s not much else to say.  Enjoy it on any streaming platform today, like Spotify. Looking for the...
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Lyrics of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

The world of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is massive, as is the lore that entangles it. As I was scoring Masquerada, I knew I did not want to miss an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to such a rich universe. I decided that I wanted to write vocal passages in the music that...
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KROMAIA: Soundtrack – Six Degrees of Spacesynths

The KROMAIA: Original Soundtrack features over 40 minutes of music, and is now available on Bandcamp for free, as well as other stores. KROMAIA: Original Soundtrack by Josh Whelchel, David Saulesco, and Hyperduck SoundWorks The Kromaia Soundtrack is an LP of electronic music by Josh Whelchel, David Saulesco, and Hyperduck SoundWorks. Much of the music...
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Oblitus Soundtrack Out Now!

The soundtrack to the game Oblitus, from Connor Ullman and Adult Swim Games, is now available on Loudr, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere else you might possibly want to find it! I’d describe the Oblitus Soundtrack as an Otherwordly, Electro-Ambient E.P. – besides accompanying the game, it is intended to transport the listener to alien...
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Scrolls Launch Trailer – Creating the Music with Reason

The music in the Scrolls Launch Trailer was created in Cubase 6 and Reason 7. I wrote about this set up a little in my post, “DAW of the Future.” The setup is actually pretty simple. You are able to connect Reason with other DAWs with their ReWire tool, which makes it surprisingly easy to...
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Kromaia – New Video & Music

Here’s new music and a gameplay video from the upcoming Kromaia by Kraken Empire. Let me know what you think!
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Castle Story Prototype Music

Mattias and I have put together twelve minutes of music from the Castle Story Prototype that was privately released to backers this past week. I’m particularly proud of this because it features a Rack Extension (synthesizer) that I’ve built from scratch called FMBlastr16. More on that later. Listen below:
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Castle Story

It should be no surprise that Mattias and I have been hard at work on the Scrolls soundtrack.  But we’ve had something else up our sleeves as well – Castle Story.  We recently completed scoring the trailer to this amazing looking RTS by Sauropod Studio.  I, for one, am extremely pleased with the results.  Watch the...
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Scrolls Music Discussion and Preview

Mattias and I have been working on the Scrolls soundtrack together, and really started digging recently around the alpha release.  One of the things we’re really striving to do is find the right pacing for a strategic CCG atmosphere.  Games can be paced anywhere from 5 to over thirty minutes (and way longer, of course)...
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Ravenmark: Deepwood Dragons Preview

Ravenmark – Deepwood Dragons Preview Ravenmark has an expansion coming soon, so I figured I should show off some of the new music. Here is a character theme, one of four tracks that was written for the update. Enjoy! When the update comes out, I will add the tracks to the soundtrack, and lower the...
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