Poolside Single: Fever (the Four Loko song)

Embrace! Our new album, “Children of the Summer,” will be here on April 1st. In the meantime, I’ve got video game soundtracks to be doing! *whipcrack*
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Space Sushi!

Just in time to cater to my early childhood fetishes of space and sushi, Kyle Pulver delivers the game “Space Sushi,” developed during this year’s Global Game Jam. He asked me to throw something together, so I gladly did. I’m still hard at work putting together music for an iPhone game and a tigsource.com “versus”...
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Part of my new years resolution for 2011 was to write more music (I even said so here!).  So in a few short minutes spare time I wrote something with Renoise (<3) on my MacBook.  Just screwing around and whatnot, I like it. 7 pence is 3 pence short of 10 pence (so i rocked!)...
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ReMix The Meat!

A few days ago I promised my twitter-people that when I reached 500 followers I’d put up a “Power of the Meat” remix kit.  I delayed in this process just a little bit so I could also include an INSTRUMENTAL and KARAOKE version of the song.  Now you can dress up as Meat Boy, Bandage...
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Power of the Meat

I CANNOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME.  This game being Super Meat Boy, of course.  Danny’s soundtrack was released last night and it is sheer brilliance.  I was fortunate enough to be one of a handful of musicians to be included on the soundtrack doing remixes.  So I called up Melinda and we put together this...
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Super Meat Boy, the rock star.

Power of the Meat (feat. Melinda Hershey) (PREVIEW!!) I was recently asked to remix the soundtrack to SUPER MEAT BOY by the incredible Danny Baranowsky.  This is what is brewing.  The full track, along with a MUSIC VIDEO will be released with the official soundtrack.  And hey, I GET TO BE MEAT BOY FOR HALLOWEEN!...
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How I Cured Burrito Boredom (and won a year of free burritos!)

About a month ago I uploaded a video to Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Food Lovers Fighting Burrito Boredom campaign – the goal was simple: I was going to win a year of delicious burritos.  It’s really no surprise that I love Qdoba, I’ve been addicted since 2006 when I was first introduced and was hooked to...
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Ramza was a cool dude, a remix appears!

Final Fantasy Tactics Remix (WIP 2) Forget what you know about crystals and wars with lions and this and that.  It’s pretty safe to assume that anybody old enough to have actually appreciated this wonderful game understands that it has one of the most complicated and pleasing soundtracks of all time.  The sheer complexity of...
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A One Hour Challenge Song~ (OHC092)

OHC092 – Sing with us, Our Alien Song~ ! Back in the day, one of my favorite things to do was to join in One Hour Compos (OHCs), where the whole point is to come into writing/producing session with a blank canvas and create something in an hour.  When I did it years ago, we’d...
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