How I Cured Burrito Boredom (and won a year of free burritos!)

About a month ago I uploaded a video to Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Food Lovers Fighting Burrito Boredom campaign – the goal was simple: I was going to win a year of delicious burritos.  It’s really no surprise that I love Qdoba, I’ve been addicted since 2006 when I was first introduced and was hooked to their three cheese queso (which is NOTHING like the crappy melted cheese you get with nachos normally; this stuff has poblano peppers and what I can only assume is crack-cocaine in it).  ANYWAY, I decided that the only way I could win was to write and produce an original song about Qdoba.  Watch it below on Qdoba’s youtube (then read more to hear more about the process and hear the instrumental and vox-only versions):

Now right off the bat, I am ENTIRELY aware of how silly this looks, but it was go all the way or go home.  First, the music should be pretty reminiscent of DAAP SLAP’D which I produced in the spring – and you can sort of think of “Burrito Boredom” as an attempt to create something equally addicting and popish in a short hour and a half.  Yes – I was pushed for time because I was supposed to be moving out the next day, and it was either make the boredom-killing song then or wait three weeks and risk not having an original idea.

So my first task was pretty easy, I created a skeleton which was:

  • Chorus (burrito, boredom, i’ve got the cure…)
  • Rap (not one not two but three…)
  • 8bit Rap (choice of meats…)
  • Break (get it naked!)
  • Chorus (burrito, boredom…)
  • Outro (short unprocessed ‘get it naked’ reprise)

Well, I hadn’t quite fleshed out the words at this point, but I did have an idea for the music, so I created this:

Burrito Boredom (Instrumental)

It was pretty simple then to add these words:

Burrito Boredom (Vocal Only)

As you can tell, the lyrics are rather silly – but I think they worked well.  My favorite line is clearly “Let your Mango Salsas out and Get It Naked!” – Qdoba’s “Naked Burrito” line is a ploy to market the option to get a burrito sans tortilla.  That’s the reason why that line comes back for the outro.

The video was rather simple to put together, I simply went around my apartment and sang the song in its entirety in a few rooms – sometimes I’d dance, sometimes I’d sing, but I really just mixed it up.  At the very beginning I’m seen throwing a Tobasco Sauce container that reads “Chi Poot Lay,” and I hope at least SOMEONE gets the joke.  I used iMovie to quickly splice everything together in a fast and efficient method.

The story of winning is a little silly – I didn’t initially win the week I submitted the video.  Admittedly, I was pretty excited about this little project I put together so seeing someone else win was kind of a bummer, and I wasn’t sure I was entered in each week or if I’d have to create another video and song.  It turned out to be a coincidental trip to Qdoba when someone texted me “omg I knew you’d win!”  So it’s really only fitting that I found out in a surprising manner.

And that’s how I beat burrito boredom.  Download the song here.

Burrito? Boredom?
I got the cure for burrito boredom!!

Burrito? Boredom?
I got the cure for burrito boredom!!

Not one, not two, but three cheese queso!
Pour it on thick don’t hold the cilantro!
You don’t need more cheese but it never hurts,
just pour it in some Poblano Pesto!

Or tell your friends about the Guacamole,
and how to add some “umph” with “Black or Pinto?”
Top it all off with Pico da Gallo, Salsa Roja, or Fiery Habenero

You got your choice of meats, more than you’d ever need,
cooked so fresh and filled with Godly seasoning
Pork, chicken, sirloin and beef,
There’s a few more but they’ll break this beat!

You wanna impress you friends, though,
so get it naked! GET IT NAKED!
Let yo mango salsas out and just GET IT NAKED! (get it naked! get it naked!)

Burrito? Boredom?
I got the cure for burrito boredom!!

Burrito? Boredom?
I got the cure for burrito boredom!!

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