Ramza was a cool dude, a remix appears!

Final Fantasy Tactics Remix (WIP 2)

Forget what you know about crystals and wars with lions and this and that.  It’s pretty safe to assume that anybody old enough to have actually appreciated this wonderful game understands that it has one of the most complicated and pleasing soundtracks of all time.  The sheer complexity of most of the music, of course, is why we see so few remixes of it – and also why I simply cannot do it justice.  But I’ll try.

This is an early draft of something I started working on about a month or so ago and hope to finish soon.  I’m pretty pleased with the orchestration I’ve started with here, though there is definitely a lot of room for growth.  I’m also a little frustrated how much I leaned on the main game motif, when it was originally going to be a remix of “Ultema the Nice Body.”  But I’ll roll with it – let me know what you think!

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