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Scrolls Launch Trailer – Creating the Music with Reason

The music in the Scrolls Launch Trailer was created in Cubase 6 and Reason 7. I wrote about this set up a little in my post, “DAW of the Future.” The setup is actually pretty simple. You are able to connect Reason with other DAWs with their ReWire tool, which makes it surprisingly easy to...
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I’m not sure what this is, but… It’s no secret that the fat wide bass sound is like my favorite thing in all of musical history. It Sounds Uber!  
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The Understory

This game, The Understory, by Pirate Hearts is looking so good I knew I had to give it some aural-motion. I offered to create a placeholder for the very young game – which is looking so good – and here it is: The Understory (Placeholder)      
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Ramza was a cool dude, a remix appears!

Final Fantasy Tactics Remix (WIP 2) Forget what you know about crystals and wars with lions and this and that.  It’s pretty safe to assume that anybody old enough to have actually appreciated this wonderful game understands that it has one of the most complicated and pleasing soundtracks of all time.  The sheer complexity of...
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