The Spirit Engine 2: Full Soundtrack – (Five CD Set for $12)

It’s ADVENTURE TIME! On June 22nd, Amanda and I will be flying ONE-WAY to San Francisco, California.  We’re both extremely excited to get to the bay, where we’ll be staying in a hostel while we apartment hunt for a week before she starts work at Eventbrite.  This week, in the meantime, has been filled with goodbyes...
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Some Electronic Jams!

There isn’t a single stringed instrument in this one, guys!  I made this because I’m thinking about getting a nice library of tracks to send to getty images and other music libraries etc. If you like this you should consider hiring me to score your next game or other project!  I just went full time!...
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Scoring Scrolls

It’s finally been announced that myself and great friend Mattias Häggström Gerdt will be co-composing the score to the upcoming game Scrolls by Mojang (of Minecraft fame).  Jakob Porser leads the project and things are certain to be amazing.  Check out the Scrolls website if you haven’t yet. If this is your first time here,...
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Ravenmark: SOE – First Audio Preview!

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Preview 1 Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Preview 2 So, after a few months being completely silent (unless you were at MAGFest or watched videos from my panel), I have been given the opportunity to show some Ravenmark music.  Ravenmark is likely going to be the most epic iPhone/iPad saga yet, with...
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Goo Revolt (World of Goo Remix), Chrono Trigger

This is an older (read: ancient) remix featuring Amanda Appiarius for “Best of Times” from World of Goo.  It was missing from the old blog so I’ve reuploaded it here. Goo Revolt (feat. Amanda Appiarius) (Battle Mode)   For added fun I’ve included two other remixes I did a LONG time ago and were never...
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A “Power of the Meat” Remix Appears {Tofu!}

It seems as though someone finally responded to the call for remixes of POWER OF THE MEAT that I posted on the blog a while back with vocals and stuff.  He did it to show of TOFU BOY, the secret character in Super Meat Boy that really, really sucks.  Here’s a pretty fantastically edited video...
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The Making of “Shine Tonight”

Here are the first 8 drafts of the OCRemix/Poolside song “Shine Tonight.”  Complete with crummy autotunage.  This is to celebrate tomorrow’s release of CHILDREN OF THE SUMMER, the first Poolside album. Shine Tonight by Poolside (please buy our album!)   Shine Tonight (D1) I woke up with this in my mind for some reason, so...
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The Spirit Engine 2: Premonitions

Yesterday was a busy day for me, and this week is probably going to be the busiest week I’ve had in a long time. The end of March is pretty significantly huge for me as I am releasing Songs for the Cure ’11 on March 29th and Poolside’s debut album Children of the Summer is...
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So Blue (from PPPPPPowerup!)

My friend, the very talented Magnus Pålsson – known to you most likely as Souleye, has released the arrange album to his very popular, very spectacular, very awesome PPPPPP album, also known to you most likely as the soundtrack to VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh.  I was very fortunate to be invited on to the album and...
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Carboni, Bitejacker Remix, what else?!

My friends over at HyperDuck Music have released their soundtrack to “BITEJACKER: The Game” called “Undead on Arrival.”  Myself, Anosou Music, Souleye, and some other more talented musicians than myself put together some remixes.  Interestingly, this is my first attempt at pretending to use Reason.
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