Here are the first 8 drafts of the OCRemix/Poolside song “Shine Tonight.”  Complete with crummy autotunage.  This is to celebrate tomorrow’s release of CHILDREN OF THE SUMMER, the first Poolside album.

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Shine Tonight (D1)

I woke up with this in my mind for some reason, so I put it down with some drafty super auto-tuned singage.  You can hear lyrics that changed, and a lot of the source.  The lyrics were loosely based on some sappy emotive feelings I was having at the time.  Basically about getting over someone.  (hah)


Shine Tonight (D2)

Then I got the idea to stutter out the 3/4 original “Fragments of Memories” into 4/4 here.  More lyrics, too – mostly expanded on getting over that person, although I started with the idea that it was from the other person’s perspective.  I realized I should do something like Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want,” where, at some point in the song, the point of view changes from 3rd person to 1st.  In this case, it goes from being about “her” to “you.”  Also added the ending bit where I sing on top of myself and everything modulates up. This was a big moment, and in the end it’s definitely my favorite bit.


Shine Tonight (D3)

This is where I added the ended where all the layering happens – namely where Melinda jumps up and sings on top of me.


Shine Tonight (D4)

GUITAR TIME.  Just added the guitar, there are a few gems that I cut out.  Check out the guitar lead at 1:58 and 2:16 that I cut out, haha!


Shine Tonight (D5)

MELINDA!  In this carnation, Melinda actually sang all the lyrics with me in the verses.  Ended up cutting her out of the beginning because it changed the narrative a little too much for my tastes.  I also pumped up the mix a little bit, added glitch effects (2:52~ for example) and cleaned things up.  Cut out unnecessary harmonies.


Shine Tonight (D6)

Changed a few of the instruments, particularly the bass sound.  Nothing noteworthy other than those cool FX I added.  ;D


Shine Tonight (D7)

Changed the kick and some drum materials, make it a little more ‘poppy.’ Polish and stuff.  Still nothing too crazy, but it’s starting to look more complete.


Shine Tonight (D8)

!? Weirdest mix, particularly at 2:40 where I thought I should harmonize with myself.  Also I changed my singing style, which – let’s be honest, wasn’t great the first time.  This is just worse and ultimately makes this the funniest mix of this song  to me.  4:15 also is funny, VERY glad I cut that stuff out.  Although the harmony into the very outro stayed.  This was the last “Draft” cut before it was eventually finished.  Let’s be glad this isn’t the version that stayed.


I hope you enjoyed those, LEAVE A COMMENT if you actually read and listened through these, I’d love to hear what you think!

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