Cross-Continental Band!

So, it’s no secret, but the original idea of the band Poolside has long gone.  That’s why it’s time to get Ryan C. Connelly and Melinda Hershey the tools so we can create a new more powerful, MORE FANTASTIC effort.  The latest electronic work we’ve done together blows the Children of the Summer album out...
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A “Power of the Meat” Remix Appears {Tofu!}

It seems as though someone finally responded to the call for remixes of POWER OF THE MEAT that I posted on the blog a while back with vocals and stuff.  He did it to show of TOFU BOY, the secret character in Super Meat Boy that really, really sucks.  Here’s a pretty fantastically edited video...
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The Making of “Shine Tonight”

Here are the first 8 drafts of the OCRemix/Poolside song “Shine Tonight.”  Complete with crummy autotunage.  This is to celebrate tomorrow’s release of CHILDREN OF THE SUMMER, the first Poolside album. Shine Tonight by Poolside (please buy our album!)   Shine Tonight (D1) I woke up with this in my mind for some reason, so...
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Poolside Single: Fever (the Four Loko song)

Embrace! Our new album, “Children of the Summer,” will be here on April 1st. In the meantime, I’ve got video game soundtracks to be doing! *whipcrack*
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Demo of new Poolside Single

Untitled Poolside Demo This is a demo of the new Poolside Single that will be released before our upcoming album, on April 1, 2011!!
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