So, it’s no secret, but the original idea of the band Poolside has long gone.  That’s why it’s time to get Ryan C. Connelly and Melinda Hershey the tools so we can create a new more powerful, MORE FANTASTIC effort.  The latest electronic work we’ve done together blows the Children of the Summer album out of the water, which is why I’m excited to do more work, and make it that much better.

To do this, we’re going to have to get Ryan and Melinda microphones (as suggested by a few of my twitter followers).

And to demonstrate how drastically better we’ve been lately, you can listen to Get Loud by Ryan, or this new exclusive preview of a song that Melinda has done.

Melinda Hershey (Poolside) – Not Alone (Preview)


So, to help pay for these microphones, I need to raise money.  Please donate using the button below, or go buy the Poolside album Children of the Summer!  THANKS! (Leave a comment, I want to know if you think a Kickstarter may be the better way to go?)


Or get 50% off the CHILDREN OF THE SUMMER CD by using the code “twopointoh”

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