Royalty Free Wednesday #2 (Retro Game Loops)

Because everyone knows Commander Keen would have been pretty weird (read: ew) with orchestral music, here are some retro tracks (not chiptunes) for your use. Retro Sunshine Game 01 – License Me Retro Game 01 – License Me Retro Game 02 – License Me Retro Game 03 – License Me Retro Space Game 01 –...
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The Understory

This game, The Understory, by Pirate Hearts is looking so good I knew I had to give it some aural-motion. I offered to create a placeholder for the very young game – which is looking so good – and here it is: The Understory (Placeholder)      
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Royalty Free Wednesday #1 (RPG Themes)

So every Wednesday I’m going to do my best to post my latest Royalty Free tracks. As I’ve already mentioned, these are tracks that can be used on a non-exclusive basis for a fraction of the cost of original music.  The price varies depending on whether they will be used in a free or paid...
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Medea’s Final NBA Jam

The track “Medea’s Final Conflict” can be heard in this NBA feature on Dennis Rodman at 1:24. Medea’s Final Conflict by Josh Whelchel (Thanks to Matt H. for noticing this and sending it to me! I would haven’t noticed it until a statement in 2012~)
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Komprezzun Electronica

Last week I started providing Royalty Free Game Music to audiojungle.net – this is basically REALLY cheap music that can be included in your games without worrying about the cost of exclusive licenses and custom music. The really great thing is that the music is still very original and high quality – so there really...
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Royalty Free Music

You can now license some of my music for your projects, games, and media for ROYALTY FREE use over at AUDIOJUNGLE.  I’ll be building up a portfolio of some useful tracks, and I hope to have quite an established library of tracks for your use.  I include royalty free seamless looping game music in my...
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Apocalyptic Reunion

I’ve been reunited with some of the very first developers I ever worked with. Skn3 of Apocalyptic Coders (now shortened to the much sweeter “Acoders”) has become a full-time indie. He is working on his debut iPhone/Android game DELI STACK.  Here’s a little sample of what’s cooking!  (I promise, no more puns!) Demo – Deli...
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Dies, Nox et Omnia – Technical Mumbojumbo!

Dies, Nox et Omnia (feat. Ryan C. Connelly and Danielle Messina) by Josh Whelchel Dies, Nox et Omnia Sheet Music (Voice only) This is something I wrote for the recent NiGHTS: Lucid Dreams album recently released by OCRemix.org. “Dies, Nox et Omnia” is an arrangement of “D’Force Master,” the theme of the wicked Wizeman from...
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Cross-Continental Band!

So, it’s no secret, but the original idea of the band Poolside has long gone.  That’s why it’s time to get Ryan C. Connelly and Melinda Hershey the tools so we can create a new more powerful, MORE FANTASTIC effort.  The latest electronic work we’ve done together blows the Children of the Summer album out...
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The Two Sides of Ryan C. Connelly

One of the saddest things for me in moving away from Cincinnati is not being within two feet of my friend Ryan C. Connelly.  I’m not sure what the “C” stands for.  I’ll post a more proper “Get to Know” article about him later, but in the meantime I wanted to offer two of my...
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