Last week I started providing Royalty Free Game Music to audiojungle.net – this is basically REALLY cheap music that can be included in your games without worrying about the cost of exclusive licenses and custom music. The really great thing is that the music is still very original and high quality – so there really is no reason to pass if you’re in need of music for your project that may have a lower budget. Audiojungle offers two licenses – one for free applications/games and one for paid games. I’ve started to build up a small collection already, but here are some new tracks:

Komprezzun ElectronicaLicense me!

Romantic OrchestralLicense me!

Jungle Game 01License me!

Jungle Game 02License me!

Jungle Game 03License me!

All of these come with seamless looping and full versions for your use! Especially good for flash and iOS games!

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