Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Wednesday #3 (Orchestral Moods)

This has been a busy week for me, with some EXCITING things happening very soon.  I hope you didn’t miss the teaser for Mojang’s Scrolls with my music all over it. So here are 5 new royalty free music tracks for you: Cinematic Menu Theme – License me! Before the Battle – License me! Villain...
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Royalty Free Wednesday #2 (Retro Game Loops)

Because everyone knows Commander Keen would have been pretty weird (read: ew) with orchestral music, here are some retro tracks (not chiptunes) for your use. Retro Sunshine Game 01 – License Me Retro Game 01 – License Me Retro Game 02 – License Me Retro Game 03 – License Me Retro Space Game 01 –...
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Royalty Free Wednesday #1 (RPG Themes)

So every Wednesday I’m going to do my best to post my latest Royalty Free tracks. As I’ve already mentioned, these are tracks that can be used on a non-exclusive basis for a fraction of the cost of original music.  The price varies depending on whether they will be used in a free or paid...
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Komprezzun Electronica

Last week I started providing Royalty Free Game Music to audiojungle.net – this is basically REALLY cheap music that can be included in your games without worrying about the cost of exclusive licenses and custom music. The really great thing is that the music is still very original and high quality – so there really...
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