I CANNOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME.  This game being Super Meat Boy, of course.  Danny’s soundtrack was released last night and it is sheer brilliance.  I was fortunate enough to be one of a handful of musicians to be included on the soundtrack doing remixes.  So I called up Melinda and we put together this diddy.  Lyrics after the jump.  (Also, go buy that soundtrack, it’s just $3.99 – YOU CAN AFFORD THAT! All of the money goes to Danny to help him keep doing the thing he loves to do, but if you want to throw a ‘lil lovin’ my way please do!)

Things we can look forward to in the future: A -LOT- of remixes for OCRemix are happening, some that include live performers. I can’t spill guts yet, but I will. Also, if you’ve been following my Facebook page you’d know that I’m signing on to a few new projects I’m eager to announce later this year.

Dr. Fetus:
My name is Dr. Fetus, PHD – I see you lack some skin boy, which is quite fine by me.
Your girl is quite fair, oh she’s an anomaly – so the bandages come off, baby what cha’ hiding?

Bandage Girl:
Save me Meat Boy, you’re the one that I need,
Dr. Fetus, he can’t beat us, but he’s makin’ ya bleed!
So won’t you save me boy, I know you got what it takes,
It’s the hour, use your power and come help save the day!

Meat Boy:
I will save you Bandage Girl,
you won’t have to fear no more!
Take my hand and you will see,
behold the Power of the Meat!

Dr. Fetus:
I lined the walls with my robotic saws, don’t you wish you had some fingers with which left to crawl,
Now I know what you’re thinking, for a fetus he’s quite smart, well when your blood paints these walls I’ll call it work of art!

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