Scrolls Music Discussion and Preview

Mattias and I have been working on the Scrolls soundtrack together, and really started digging recently around the alpha release.  One of the things we’re really striving to do is find the right pacing for a strategic CCG atmosphere.  Games can be paced anywhere from 5 to over thirty minutes (and way longer, of course) – and the rhythm of a conflict may change dramatically throughout.

We initially wanted to stray away from traditional “epic” style battle pieces (such as what’s heard in Ravenmark) – imagine playing a thirty minute match to something like that.  Simply not appropriate.  Instead, we’re playing with the oriental/ethnic flare mixed with Fantasy to create a fitting atmosphere and sprinkling a bit of tension throughout.  We have plans to incorporate more dynamic aspects and ambiences as well, but at the current point in development, things just aren’t there yet (but they will be!).  Mattias actually crafted several versions of the beautiful Deck Building theme that can be heard in game that alternate with primary element of the deck you are building – and you will hear those soon. As alpha players may have also noticed, music currently doesn’t loop (which it shouldn’t), but is tailed by silence – this will eventually be resolved with musical ambiences, alternating tracks, and more.

We’d love to hear from the players and fans of Scrolls about what you think we should do, and what you would like to hear.  I’m attaching a track that Mattias and I co-wrote that is intended to alternate with what you currently hear in the game.  Let us know what you think below.

Scrolls – Ancients (Cave Battle)

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  • The current Deck Building theme is *incredible*: (a) Will there be future tracks that are similar to this?, and (b) Between you & Mattias, who’s primarily to thank for it? =)

    • soundofjw

      a) Hopefully so!
      b) Mattias is the mastermind behind the Deck Building track. (incidentally, he also is the mastermind behind my heart ;D)

      • Great, thanks for the quick reply, and keep up the awesome work you two!

  • This is pretty! My two cents: I think the very beginning intro section needs more rubato… in other words, it could benefit from some tempo automation here and there to slow it down and make it feel more like it’s breathing. once it gets going it’s real smooth, kind of interesting sound you guys have crafted here!

  • Well I don’t know what I could say that you don’t already know, after all, you are the experts 🙂
    I like the current tracks very much!
    The tracks shouldn’t be too fast, as it might not fit the situation very well. Maybe the battle themes could have a little more tempo and tension at the beginning, when you start a match. To kind of get you into the “battle” mood.

  • Koen Basten

    Love your work. This ‘Ancients’ track is one of the reasons Scrolls is going to be awesome. The current battle track is getting a little repetitive, but not boring or annoying in any way! It’s awesome how you’ve managed to create music in exact the same style and overall feel of the game. I definitely look forward to more of you guys’ work!