Mattias Häggström Gerdt

Castle Story Prototype Music

Mattias and I have put together twelve minutes of music from the Castle Story Prototype that was privately released to backers this past week. I’m particularly proud of this because it features a Rack Extension (synthesizer) that I’ve built from scratch called FMBlastr16. More on that later. Listen below:
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Castle Story

It should be no surprise that Mattias and I have been hard at work on the Scrolls soundtrack.  But we’ve had something else up our sleeves as well – Castle Story.  We recently completed scoring the trailer to this amazing looking RTS by Sauropod Studio.  I, for one, am extremely pleased with the results.  Watch the...
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Scrolls Music Discussion and Preview

Mattias and I have been working on the Scrolls soundtrack together, and really started digging recently around the alpha release.  One of the things we’re really striving to do is find the right pacing for a strategic CCG atmosphere.  Games can be paced anywhere from 5 to over thirty minutes (and way longer, of course)...
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Scrolls Teaser-Trailer

Here is the trailer to Mojang’s next game Scrolls, which I am scoring with Mattias Häggström Gerdt. The music in the trailer is mostly by me, with some of Mattias’ in-game motif coming in the middle. This was put together pretty quickly and expect to hear more from both of our combined powers in the...
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Scoring Scrolls

It’s finally been announced that myself and great friend Mattias Häggström Gerdt will be co-composing the score to the upcoming game Scrolls by Mojang (of Minecraft fame).  Jakob Porser leads the project and things are certain to be amazing.  Check out the Scrolls website if you haven’t yet. If this is your first time here,...
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