vocal lore of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Musical Text of Ombre

The world of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is massive, as is the lore that entangles it.

As I was scoring Masquerada, I knew I did not want to miss an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to such a rich universe. I decided that I wanted to write vocal passages in the music that embedded mystery and meaning in to the core of Ombre – it’s musical expression.

Masquerada’s soundtrack features many vocal passages – all of which are lyricized in the language of Old Dimenticate.

On this page, I have attempted to provide a few examples of Old Dimenticate libretto in the score, and a rough translation.

You may listen to a playlist of the vocal music from Masquerada on Spotify.

timeless pursuit

the Eighth Canticle

r’yoni patomay swi o’fey aesjo
wheels of time; e’er they mourn; cries, shadows o’ sorrows.

kynete rytom’ay fuiyoso neya lat’yo
sing beyond fragments bound, bring forth thy cadence o’ morrow.

koy bele hantom’ay s’yo aes sae yaîjatro
darkness ebbs, flows entwined of jasmine air, and viscous pine.

k’yo tom’ay bel’ae na’eh ayotere akoj’tre
lightness flows, ebbs, unwinds; since timeless pursuit, o’er stem and vine.

ouiy’no k’yanato oyano paesan’to
dream not of songs unsung; fear not of the bells unrung;

kayo’ey koyone aesyuri y’te k’yorea’yo
(for) what is there, and what is not; both are here and of both are one.

lost in the Shadow

A'syuri J’ayei

k’yo-ri, k’yori, nori (ee k’yori k’yori nori)
from light, from light, from under,

iriae, k’yo nori
from sorrow and anger, light, from under,

ouiyo, s’yoisae sanato miri
i dream, as a jasmine flower, always ringing

kayo iri mi, aesme
and yet i am; eternal fire encased in matter.

swi o’fey, jari
ever they mourn, from the beginning,

k’yanako, j’tre
and songs, their melodies unbound

mi aelom ja bay
from their seed i was born,

aesme m’ri akyo j’re
the eternal flame serenades me

aesyuri j’ayei
lost in the shadow, seeking the source

the Singing Tree Remembers


oya’o d’jaya’oli
the Divine Lady sings in time,

k’yo ja’re ouiyo s’wiye
weaving small serenades of light,

mʌzmo puri’fey
heard in an age of stone.

d’jaya’mm ouij’a baylo
listens the Divine Being, fearful and split into two.

ouiak baylo, ouismala ’oli
majesty unravels, revealing life, bereft of time.

k’yo baylo, yumo
when light fades, and shadow reigns again,

come forth from your stone tomb,

aesme, yumo
and the eternal flame will reign again.

o j’mori kyo’fwi
Remember in the “Waking” come,

fuiyoso neya lata aj’o
the cries of songs and shadows,

mʌzmo yuri
ages gone to dark,

yet all is remembered by the singing tree.


oya’o d’jaya’oli
the Divine Lady sings beyond time,

mʌzmo puri’fey
a story woven into an age of stone.

ouiak baylo, ouismala ’oli
majesty unravels, revealing life, bereft of time,

with sacrifice, the Divine, one becomes.

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