KROMAIA: Soundtrack – Six Degrees of Spacesynths

The KROMAIA: Original Soundtrack features over 40 minutes of music, and is now available on Bandcamp for free, as well as other stores.

The Kromaia Soundtrack is an LP of electronic music by Josh Whelchel, David Saulesco, and Hyperduck SoundWorks.

Much of the music was written and produced in 2014, using Propellerhead’s Reason and my own FMBlastr16 rack extension.

Collaborations are rewarding. Opening up the project to collaboration allowed me to work with David Saulesco and Chris Geehan (of Hyperduck SoundWorks) is always a great joy. Chris provided the wonderful final battle track “Wave Cycles,” and David provided four tracks for worlds 3 – 4.

Here is how the tracklist relates to the game.

1 The Cosmic Pendulum [World 1 BGM]
2 Hexapolar [3×2°] [World 1 Battle]
3 Dianoia Kromaia [Menu]
4 Cosmic Rays [World 2 BGM]
5 Opsis [World 2 Battle]
6 Interstellar Medium [World 3 BGM]
7 Supermassive Black Hole [World 3 Battle]
8 Heliospheric Current Sheet [World 4 BGM]
9 Solar Maximum [World 4 Battle]
10 Pressure Conditions [Boss]
11 Electric Awareness [Story]
12 Wave Cycles [Final Boss]
13 Unfold; Refold [Trailer 1]
14 Universal Pulse Beat [Trailer 2]
15 Omega [Story]

KROMAIA is a six degrees of freedom adventure shooter which takes action, speed, agility and immersion to a new level. The game is available on Steam and PS4.

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