Premonition – Now Streaming

Looking for a haunting, electronic aria?
— that’s kind of ominous, but look no further.

Danielle Messina – 1 part Soprano, 3 parts Sorceress, and I have teamed up to release Premonition, a musical single from our forthcoming E.P.

There’s not much else to say.  Enjoy it on any streaming platform today, like Spotify.

Looking for the lyrics?

Here they are – but be advised, Google Translate gets this wrong.  The robots haven’t learnt the dead language yet.

clara noctis, ignis somnia
o, nympha, perficere mihi

sumus aeternam,
gloriosa et mystice anima

sanctus veri!
nervus nervorum,
memus patriae

(no matter what google tells you, this in no way says “muscle spasms – the ongoing country”)

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