Get to Know: Vocalist Stephanie Schönhofer

Today we sit down with mezzo-soprano Stephanie Schönhofer, who appears on the track “Libera Me” in GunGirl 2, and as “demonic-extra” in other tracks.  Stephanie’s experience as a performer goes back a long time, and I was super happy to work with her on this soundtrack – she brought a great dynamic to the studio and was extremely flexible as a musician.  Her addition to the credits theme, and consequently, the trailer were a great asset in the success of the game and its soundtrack.

Read more to hear what Stephanie has to say!

1) Stephanie, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Stephanie Schönhofer, and I grew up in the small city of Lima, OH (that’s where the tv show “Glee” is based). Fun fact (I suppose you could say) my mom is Australian, so I have dual citizenship which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I’ve been there 3 times, and will actually be heading there this Christmas. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen my grandmother and other relatives so it will be really nice to catch up with all of them.

2) How, when, did you get interested in and start performing music?

Well, my introduction to singing and theater really started in my community theater. The preschool/kindergarten I went to was pretty big into music and putting on little programs, so that gave me a taste for performing, and then in 4th grade I got involved in the community theater productions. So I’ve been singing and performing for a long time. I started my classical training when I was about 12 and did a lot of choir things, even throughout high school. It was in high school I decided that I wanted to make singing a career and that’s what got me on the Opera route. I also played the piano for about 13 years, and was involved in marching band in school. I actually really miss marching band.

3) What was your initial reaction when Josh asked you to record for the soundtrack to a game called “GunGirl?”

Well to be honest I was REALLY excited! I had never done anything like this before and had been dying to do something that combined classical music into more popular styles. The fact that it was called GunGirl only made it that much more awesome for me.

4) How do you feel about the final product, now that it’s all finished and complete?

I love it! I am really proud to be a part of this project! I especially loved the fact that some of my singing was turned into demonic screaming in certain tracks.

5) What was it like working with Josh, was he nice, a jerk, something like that?

Josh was great to work with. Originally most of the song he had written for me to sing was pretty high, and as I was singing through it, I sang it down the octave just to get a feel for the music and he asked me if it felt better that low, because he actually liked it in that register rather than where he had originally written it. He’s really chill and flexible in the studio, but at the same time very professional and get’s the job done. I had a really good time. I think one of the funniest things was that he had to keep reminding me to get closer to the microphone. It wasn’t just like one time either, it was almost every time we recorded something it was “Steph…you’re like 3 ft from the microphone now.”

6) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

haha what spare time? just kidding. Well, I really like being outside. I like to play tennis, go hiking, camping, etc. Being outside helps me kind of clear my head and kind of recharges my batteries. Of course, just sitting inside watching some trashy tv show also helps me clear my head….that or makes me happy I’m not them…

7) If you were a zombie, heaven forbid, what kind of zombie would you be? Would you hide out waiting for your victims in sneaky spots, or would you just run at them madly? Would you be aggressive or wait in the back for leftovers of your zombie friends? What would you wear if you were a zombie?

Oooo I’ve never been asked this before. hmm…..Well, as far as the kind, I’m not very educated as far as what types of zombies there are, so I guess I’d be the really really creepy kind. I would definitely be the sneaky type and hide in dark corners. I think I would totally be aggressive….except that the aggressive ones are the first to be destroyed…but oh well. I would wear an eye patch for sure. Probably some garbage clothes too, but definitely an eye patch.

8) Any last words or shout outs?

I just really want to thank Josh for giving me this opportunity and I really hope I get to do more projects like this.

I can promise you we’ll hear more from Stephanie, whether it’s on another soundtrack, Songs for the Cure ’11, or maybe something for OverClocked ReMix.  Or perhaps, it might have something to do with pop-music and opera… but that’s not my place to say at this time.  Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave your thoughts in our comment section below!

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