Final Fantasy Soundtracks for Roleplaying on Spotify

Are you a Dungeons and Dragons player or Dungeon Master? Are you looking for a familiar soundtrack to augment your roleplaying experience? Look no further than Spotify & Final Fantasy – thanks Nobuo Uematsu! Now that Square Enix has several Final Fantasy Soundtracks on Spotify (read more), we can finally have the best role playing...
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Final Fantasy 6 on Spotify

OK. I’ve decided. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s the best of the Final Fantasy 6 Soundtrack on Spotify. With my “Best of Final Fantasy 7” and “Best of Final Fantasy 8” playlists off the ground, I’m now calling my favorite Final Fantasy 6 tracks available on Spotify. Think I am missing any tracks on...
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Final Fantasy 8 on Spotify

Liberi Fatali. Man with the Machine Gun. I know, I know, the Guardian Force’s probably made you forget how great the Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack is. Nobuo Uematsu, domo arigato gozaimasu! A few weeks ago I shared my “Best of Final Fantasy 7” playlist. Today, I’d like to present my favorite tracks from Final Fantasy...
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Final Fantasy 7 on Spotify

Are you looking for the Final Fantasy 7 Soundtrack on Spotify? If not, you should be, because Nobuo Uematsu’s FF7 OST is arguably some of the best video game music to come out of the Playstation era. Whilst the original soundtrack itself is not available on Spotify, nor likely will it be, I have put...
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