Amanda Appiarius

The Spirit Engine 2: Full Soundtrack – (Five CD Set for $12)

It’s ADVENTURE TIME! On June 22nd, Amanda and I will be flying ONE-WAY to San Francisco, California.  We’re both extremely excited to get to the bay, where we’ll be staying in a hostel while we apartment hunt for a week before she starts work at Eventbrite.  This week, in the meantime, has been filled with goodbyes...
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Goo Revolt (World of Goo Remix), Chrono Trigger

This is an older (read: ancient) remix featuring Amanda Appiarius for “Best of Times” from World of Goo.  It was missing from the old blog so I’ve reuploaded it here. Goo Revolt (feat. Amanda Appiarius) (Battle Mode)   For added fun I’ve included two other remixes I did a LONG time ago and were never...
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So Blue (from PPPPPPowerup!)

My friend, the very talented Magnus Pålsson – known to you most likely as Souleye, has released the arrange album to his very popular, very spectacular, very awesome PPPPPP album, also known to you most likely as the soundtrack to VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh.  I was very fortunate to be invited on to the album and...
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