GunGirl 2

The Making of GunGirl 2 OST: pt. 6

Mastering, and preparing audio for in-game use is the usually last of the most important steps to preparing a soundtrack.  Without the proper polish, even the best music can sound dull, and besides, there certainly has got to be SOME reason people get excited about “remastered” albums. When I finish putting together a track for...
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The Making of GunGirl 2 OST: pt. 5

Mixing and Mastering is tough.  And it’s annoying, too, because you sit down and write all of this really great music, but at the end of the day it can really all go to waste if it doesn’t have that “right sparkle.”  And no, I don’t mean over-compressed limit-breaking overdriven mixes are the only way...
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The Making of GunGirl 2 OST: pt. 4

Let’s talk Gear, ya know? But before I do that, I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve got limited edition GunGirl 2 Soundtrack CDs on sale for $8!  I’d really mean a lot to me if you’d stop by and pick one up to support future endeavors of mine, or as a “thank you” for reading...
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The Making of GunGirl 2 OST: pt. 3

Working with Live Musicians (ya know, the kind that breathe – let’s see your Roland do that!) Just figuring out the best way to talk about this subject is a problem of infinite complexity, so I’ll be doing the best I can to discuss working with musicians as it applied to the GunGirl 2 soundtrack....
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Libera Me

Score to “Libera Me” I wanted to post a “Making of” tonight but unfortunately I only got about a third of the way through the article.  To make up for this, here is the score to Libera Me. There are some obvious things that have changed between this draft-score and the final version you’ll hear,...
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The Making of GunGirl 2 OST: pt. 2

The Making of Anomaly (Violins and Guitars, OH MY!) Before I start talking about working with live performers, I thought it’d be a good idea to discuss the process behind creating one of my favorite tracks on the soundtrack.  I’ve got demos of the piece through various stages of its creation as well.  I’ll be...
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The Making of GunGirl 2 OST: pt. 1

In the next few days I’d like to talk about the process behind creating the soundtrack for GunGirl 2, which, as always, you can listen to here.  Some of the things I’m going to tackle include how to approach a large-scale soundtrack, how to work with a developer/producer on achieving the goals they set out...
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