The Spirit Engine 2

WSF Module Packer Tools

Are you looking to take a collection of .IT, .MOD, .XM, or .ST3 modules with overlapping samples and compress them into a much smaller package, effectively deduplicating any sample data across the tracks? Well, you’ve found the right corner of the internet for that. WSF is a format designed to reduce redundancy in modules. In...
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Medea’s Final NBA Jam

The track “Medea’s Final Conflict” can be heard in this NBA feature on Dennis Rodman at 1:24. Medea’s Final Conflict by Josh Whelchel (Thanks to Matt H. for noticing this and sending it to me! I would haven’t noticed it until a statement in 2012~)
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The Spirit Engine 2: Full Soundtrack – (Five CD Set for $12)

It’s ADVENTURE TIME! On June 22nd, Amanda and I will be flying ONE-WAY to San Francisco, California.  We’re both extremely excited to get to the bay, where we’ll be staying in a hostel while we apartment hunt for a week before she starts work at Eventbrite.  This week, in the meantime, has been filled with goodbyes...
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The Spirit Engine 2: Premonitions

Yesterday was a busy day for me, and this week is probably going to be the busiest week I’ve had in a long time. The end of March is pretty significantly huge for me as I am releasing Songs for the Cure ’11 on March 29th and Poolside’s debut album Children of the Summer is...
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