If all goes to plan, October, November and December should be riddled with soundtrack releases from yours truly.

I finished up the soundtrack to Skn3’s Deli Stack about a month ago, and when the game is eventually released – so will the soundtrack.

I also provided music for Kyle Pulver and J. Otto Seibold’s Jottobots – you should expect this game and it’s short musical accompaniment to be out soon.

The soundtrack to Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion will be released on November 11th, 2011 with the game.  I’m going to be opening up a pre-order very soon for this for anyone who wants to get it for cheaper.  You can follow some of the development progress and see what they’re up to on Toucharcade (I hope you have an hour or so to waste reading).

Chevy Ray’s Hollow’s Deep is another project I’ve begun working out, but there is no tentative release schedule – I’ll keep you posted!

I collaborated with Jordan Fehr for Robot Invader’s Wind-up Knight, a game that will make you wonder how they squeezed your gaming console into your phone.  It’s going to be out very soon on Android and iOS.

Benjamin Jelter’s been creating an insanely addictive space shooter tentatively called Uberhitzen that I’ve been providing sweet FM jams for.  You’ll see this one at IGF!

MADSOFT Games will be releasing Space Chase soon – a very fun game with music by yours truly.

Tom Rab also made a small game called Corridor which I made a few tunes for.

In a few weeks I’ll begin work on The Light of the Darkness – a game which was successfully funded on Kickstarter recently.

Of course, Mojang’s Scrolls is underway, and I’m still having way too much fun with Mattias on it.  I’ll be presenting a short panel this weekend on how we scored this gig at the GANG Fall Summit and Demo Derby – if you’re not in the San Francisco area than I highly recommend you grab a ticket to the Ustream broadcast for free!  I’m sure you’ll learn something, I know I will!

There are also three unannounced projects I’m also working on – but you’ll hear them soon!

Now that I’m done talking, enjoy

20 seconds of ear-goo!

Wait! Before you go, this happened:

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