Deli Stack

The Season of Sounds is Coming!

If all goes to plan, October, November and December should be riddled with soundtrack releases from yours truly. I finished up the soundtrack to Skn3’s Deli Stack about a month ago, and when the game is eventually released – so will the soundtrack. I also provided music for Kyle Pulver and J. Otto Seibold’s Jottobots – you...
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The Sound of a Sandwich

Remember that game about sandwiches and deli and apocalypses I spoke of a few weeks ago?  Skn3 has posted some music from that game, called Deli Stack.   You can learn more about this game in my post Apocalyptic Reunion.  The game has no announced release date, but the tentative soundtrack list appears below: 1. The...
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Apocalyptic Reunion

I’ve been reunited with some of the very first developers I ever worked with. Skn3 of Apocalyptic Coders (now shortened to the much sweeter “Acoders”) has become a full-time indie. He is working on his debut iPhone/Android game DELI STACK.  Here’s a little sample of what’s cooking!  (I promise, no more puns!) Demo – Deli...
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