The Sound of a Sandwich

Remember that game about sandwiches and deli and apocalypses I spoke of a few weeks ago?  Skn3 has posted some music from that game, called Deli Stack.


You can learn more about this game in my post Apocalyptic Reunion.  The game has no announced release date, but the tentative soundtrack list appears below:

1. The Sourdough Swing (Menu Theme)
2. Parmesan Polka (Easy Mode)
3. Blue Cheese Boogie (Medium Mode)
4. Gouda Groove (Hard Mode)
5. Dubliner Disco (Really Hard Mode)
6. Brie Bounce (Mood: Calm)
7. Stinking Bishop Sneak (Mood: Mystery)
8. Mozzarella Medley (Mood: Happy)
9. Beer Cheese Blues (Mood: Sad)
10. The Colby-Jack Climax (Mood: Hard)
11. Impastable (from Deli Dash 2003)
12. Magic Tomatoes (from Deli Dash 2003)
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