Josh Whelchel

The Season of Sounds is Coming!

If all goes to plan, October, November and December should be riddled with soundtrack releases from yours truly. I finished up the soundtrack to Skn3’s Deli Stack about a month ago, and when the game is eventually released – so will the soundtrack. I also provided music for Kyle Pulver and J. Otto Seibold’s Jottobots – you...
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GANG Demo Derby

The first ever non-GDC G.A.N.G. Demo Derby is coming up on October 15th, and I’ve been asked to join the insanely talented Wilbert Roget, Dren McDonald and Jeff Essex on a panel to give feedback on a submission of demo reels from across the world. The Game Audio Network Guild (or, GANG) is a great...
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I’m not sure what this is, but… It’s no secret that the fat wide bass sound is like my favorite thing in all of musical history. It Sounds Uber!  
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The Sound of a Sandwich

Remember that game about sandwiches and deli and apocalypses I spoke of a few weeks ago?  Skn3 has posted some music from that game, called Deli Stack.   You can learn more about this game in my post Apocalyptic Reunion.  The game has no announced release date, but the tentative soundtrack list appears below: 1. The...
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The Light of the Darkness

The Light of the Darkness Theme by Josh Whelchel The Light of the Darkness is game being developed by Epifanica, a small indie team hoping to have their project funded. Currently, The Light of the Darkness has raised around $11,000, and is half way to their goal of $22k. If the project is funded, I’ll...
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Royalty Free Wednesday #3 (Orchestral Moods)

This has been a busy week for me, with some EXCITING things happening very soon.  I hope you didn’t miss the teaser for Mojang’s Scrolls with my music all over it. So here are 5 new royalty free music tracks for you: Cinematic Menu Theme – License me! Before the Battle – License me! Villain...
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Scrolls Teaser-Trailer

Here is the trailer to Mojang’s next game Scrolls, which I am scoring with Mattias Häggström Gerdt. The music in the trailer is mostly by me, with some of Mattias’ in-game motif coming in the middle. This was put together pretty quickly and expect to hear more from both of our combined powers in the...
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Royalty Free Wednesday #2 (Retro Game Loops)

Because everyone knows Commander Keen would have been pretty weird (read: ew) with orchestral music, here are some retro tracks (not chiptunes) for your use. Retro Sunshine Game 01 – License Me Retro Game 01 – License Me Retro Game 02 – License Me Retro Game 03 – License Me Retro Space Game 01 –...
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The Understory

This game, The Understory, by Pirate Hearts is looking so good I knew I had to give it some aural-motion. I offered to create a placeholder for the very young game – which is looking so good – and here it is: The Understory (Placeholder)      
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